Last 3 years of observations not showing in iPhone app

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Step 1: Open iNaturalist on iPhone

Step 2: Select ‘Me’ tab

Step 3: Observe that except for four random observations at the top, hundreds of observations from last three years do not appear on screen. Images are missing from almost all that do show. Note that all observations appear fine in the browser version on my Mac.

Sorry you’re encountering this issue. Can you try updating to the most recent version from the App Store? Then try logging out and logging back in. If it’s still happening, can you then post a new screenshot?

This will occasionally happen to me on the phone app as well. It usually rights itself after a bit. I think it’s sometimes associated with an app update. Try closing the app and reopening it a few times or wait 1/2 an hour or so and try reopening it.


Check your phone storage. It might be that it’s nearly full, in which case this is desirable behaviour from the iNat app - not downloading images that will take up a lot of storage space.


I have no idea of it is the same but sometimes alll my observations where gone and they returned the next day. I thought it could be related by cleaning up the cache as sometimes iNat iphone app was using 3GB of data /storage


When you log in to the iOS app, the app only downloads your 200 most recent observations. Did you recently log out and log back in, or delete and reinstall the app?

It will do this for me sometimes, and show no other observations in the list if I don’t have good internet. They return eventually.

Thanks Carrie (and everyone else!) for the ideas. In the end, it ‘fixed itself’ after a couple of weeks of the behavior. Things that didn’t work: closing app; turning off phone; coming in and out of the app multiple times; scrolling to the bottom of the list to make it fetch earlier observations. I also appear to have plenty of available storage and have auto-updates on.

I did continue to take new observations throughout the period that I couldn’t see thumbnails (or the new observations while on my phone, except the four that show in the screenshot). So happy ending, though I’d prefer to know why it is better!

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One more thing - I do see that iNaturalist auto-installed 3.2.9 build 687 in the interim - that may have been the cause of the fix