Lepidoptera labled as "Butterflee" in drop down menu

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Step 1: navigate to an observation

Step 2: click on the species name input line

Step 3: type “butter”

Step 4: notice that “Lepidoptera (Butterflee)” shows up in the drop down menu

I just noticed that “butterflee” is the scottish name for lepidoptera, but I’m not sure why the Scottish name is the one showing up?

This is working as expected, iNat is trying to match what you entered with any names associated with any taxon. It’s showing you where the text you entered matched the taxon (in thus case the name butterflee).

See this discussion as well: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/unnecessary-unwanted-common-names-prioritized-in-explore/47472

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is there a reason that “butterflee” is showing up rather than “butterflies and moths”?

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If you’ve only typed “butter”, I suspect it is showing the first matching choice in alphabetic order:
“butterflee” before “butterflies” before “butterfly”.

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PS if butterflies is what you want
type only the letter L
autocomplete will bring you Lepidoptera.


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