Cabbage White butterfly

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Step 1: What the hell?

Step 2: On my computer (nothing at all to do with my pc), I frequently get white birds automatically identified as “cabbage white” butterfly, an entirely inappropriate and inaccurate identification. Pressing “x” to delete that, the suggested ID is often (not always) correct. This is not the only instance: Pink-eared ducks are automatically identified as “Pink”, the flower. Oh dear.

Step 3: Goodness knows what I need to do now. I quite probably have not found the ideal method to do this, failed to find or read lengthy and rather unhelpful screens, and the relatively byzantine way of raising an issue (if I’ve actually found the right place) has made it rather user unfriendly, at least for me. I can’t take a screen shot, having submitted my pics before (whoops) not during submission.

Do the original files on your computer have a file name that includes the word white or pink, or have you added tags to them?


If your picture files are named, iNat will helpfully offer that.

You can start your birds at Aves, then the suggestions will fit ‘aves’. Always better to start the CV with a broad taxon and the location. I checked 2 of your obs, CV is going straight to your chosen species now.

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I’m curious about this step:


Yes, this was one of the features that while obvious in retrospect, was not obvious to me when I first started on iNat. I had many a mis-ID because I’d inaccurately or vaguely named the files I uploaded. When I give iNat presentations to docents and volunteers, this is one of the most commonly perceived “flaws” that attendees encounter or report.

But it is a fairly recent change on iNat, to use the photo file name as a prompt.

Okay. Not so recent. November 2019

Promptly followed by

My personal ‘favourite’ is that any Coccinellid in which the file name is written as XX-Spot Ladybird is uploaded as ‘Spot Croaker’ - a fish!

The most annoying thing is that many ladybird scientific names are so long! It’s still easier to call the file ‘XX-Spot Ladybird’ and then try to remember to adjust the fish IDs than it is to try to get around it by attempting to type out scientific names like ‘Subcoccinella vigintiquatuorpunctata’…

You could try “sub vigi” or similar - that’s enough of a prompt to get S. vigintiquatorpunctata to come up in search, so maybe it’ll work in a file name too?

@ambrosia1 I’m going to set this topic to close on Saturday, California time. Without specific details, we can’t investigate this further.

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