A Big Thank You

First of all, I’d like to mention that I’ve been an avid user of iNaturalist for almost 2 years (started in March 2021). Ever since i have discovered this site and this forum it has made my entomology much easier for identifying, making guides, and connecting with other people. I really appreciate the work that the staff and curators have put into this site and all of the work that the contributors have put into seeking out bugs and birds and plants as records. I hope this site lasts a really long time and many more people learn to use it. iNaturalist has also helped me with collecting beetles as I can track down observations to specific places, find out if they are public or private, and go collect some specimens.

Thank you! I really appreciate it.


If you wish it may be merged with https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/thank-you-everyone/19952


I’m not sure. What do you think?

That one is going on closed two years. I do not see any harm in a new thank you thread.

@silaseckhardt I appreciate your knowledge of beetles (and their cuadrangular aspects!) – Thank you!


Always happy to help with finding answers (and IDing beetles)! Glad I could help!

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Would free older users from doing it twice (while they can ofc do it again), but also I’m saddened by old comments not getting readers when there’re many similar topics and information is separated, especially as some members of forum has since passed away, it’d be a nice connection of two different timelines.


I think just as there is space for a new Thanksgiving thread every year, there is room when someone makes a spontaneous thank you post, especially when the previous one is long locked.

I think it is lovely to link the older thread in a comment to this one because certainly some content and comments within it may be of interest to some, but it is also lovely to see that just as nature, the forum too marches on, that new expressions of gratitude are made, that sometimes the same topics and interests arise, that we celebrate those with encyclopedic knowledge while also nurturing the excitement of new or more newly active participants.


I would second all that you say Silas, with exception of Collecting…I always leave creatures where I find them, unless it be to move a Turtle off a road!

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