Letter "ł" not properly capitalized for taxon names


The code that attemtps´to display all common names in capital case is still inconsistently working when the first letter of a name is a non ‘standard’ English 26 letter. If the first letter is one of these, there remain cases where the 2nd letter gets capitalized

Running in Danish, it used to be broken, but seems to be working now. See middle box in lower row here

However, running Polish names, it does not work, as seen here

Please note neither of these is an accented character, both Æ in Danish, and the Polish character (which I dont have on my Danish keyboard) are full letters, not accented versions of othrer letters.

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At the moment we need to explicitly support unicode characters when capitalizing taxon names, and currently we’re only supporting éáúóåøØêûîôâãĩũṽỹñõèùìòàçëüïöäæµfifløŒœ∑ß∂∆Ωčšžřěňȟǧǎěǐǒǔǚ. I’ll Add ł. If there are others you’re noticing in Polish or other language, please holler.

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Pretty much any accented character in Polish

Mewa śMieszka


łęCzak (the 2nd character, the accented e)

Immediately come to mind, I am sure there are more, but not a lot of Polish names are entered.


Ken-ichi fixed here.

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