Some common names have two first letters capitalized


I noticed that some common names have first two letters capitalized instead of one. At first I though that someone who added those common names made mistakes, but when I tried to edit them it turned out that they are entered correctly. For some reason iNat automatically capitalized two letters.
A couple of examples:

This is a known bug with the auto capitalization of ‘accented’ or non standard English letters. You need to give a list of the letters that do this to them and they add it to a manual fix. I did this for danish and polish


That would be these letters:
ą, ę, į, ų, č, š, ž, ė, ū
Can someone manually fix it, please :D

I’m surprised the Unicode titlecase mapping isn’t being used for all characters, so they don’t have to manually build their own list. The data files are available for free from the Unicode website.

The algorithm probably shouldn’t capitalize the second letter if it doesn’t know how to capitalize or lowercase the first letter.



I was trying to add a common Portuguese name for Neomarica gracilis, which is Íris-da-Praia, but every time i click to save it the name appears as ÍRis-da-Praia instead.

I think this is related to the acute capital I that starts the word. I tried to replicate the bug with other accented capital letters (vowels) but only the letter I has this strange bug.

If this helps, Í is called the 'Latin Capital Letter I with Acute", Unicode number: U+00CD, HTML-code: [&#205]; (remove brackets)


I’m not seeing this now:

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Checked multiple names, all good. Great job, thank you :)