Limiting project assignment

I have created two projects, one for my neighborhood and one for my county. How do I limit the assignment of an observation? I would prefer to manually assign an observation to one or the other, not have all the observations show up in the county-wide project. The neighborhood isn’t in the location database as it is brand new and still under construction.

Creating traditional projects instead of collection projects. Those you add observations to instead of being added automatically.

You could then make an umbrella project containing both to view all observations together.

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Using traditional projects in this situation seems unnecessary and tedious; what I would suggest instead, unless your situation is more nuanced than you describe it to be, is to create a new “place” for your neighborhood, then create two collection projects. The first project will simply collect all observations from this newly defined place. For the second project, set the boundary to your county, then in the “exclusion filters” you can exclude your neighborhood. This should ensure that all of the observations fall into either one project or the other, and you won’t have to add each observation manually.

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