Link to the Forum missing on Naturalista

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Step 1: Not sure if this is a bug, but there is no link to the Forum on Naturalista Mexico anywhere.

Step 2:

Step 3:

It looks like all of the nodes except for Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Sweden, Spain, Greece, and Taiwan have links to the forum. Some of the links to the forum differ between nodes and some nodes (like Spain) have individual links (Spain has a link to their node’s blog). I wonder if this is something customized by the individual nodes?

Yes, this is something site admins for that site have control over, so it’s up to them on whether they want to feature the iNat forum on the dashboard.


Kindly note I am not referring to the iNat forum feature (or widget) on the dashboard. I am referring to the links on the footer of all pages on the site, as the screenshots show.

Sorry about that. Same thing, though - the site admins have control over whether or not to add that link to the footer of their site