Not getting any updates from the Forum except one

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Step 1: Other than the “News and Updates” sent by @tiwane, I have not received any other updates via email from the Forum for several weeks now, even though I have not changed any settings in my account at all.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Are you referring to email updates from the forum? If so, can you verify your forum settings and what type of emails you would expect to be seeing? Also, I know it’s lame to ask, but if this is referring to email updates, have you checked whatever spam filter/folder is associated with your account? Especially if there are also issues with emails, that might be the most parsimonious explanation.

I don’t know that iNat has the ability to alter notifications to any specific user on the forum - it could be a Discourse issue, so you could try checking their documentation/help page to see if there are any reports there.

Sorry for not being specific, I do mean email updates. My settings are still the same since I first subscribed to the Forum in 2019 (see screenshot). And since Gmail tends to take unilateral decisions (lol), I have special filters for all emails from iNat and Naturalista to never be sent to spam. This lack of updates has been going on for weeks, but I hadn’t had time to look into it or post here.

Interesting, hmmm - I don’t get any notifications from the forum via email, but maybe another user who does can chime in and see if they are experiencing similar.

I’ll tag you here (@magazhu ) as a positive control since it seems like that should definitely trigger an email given the screenshot.

I got an email just now, after you tagged me, nothing else so far.

Thank you for you help!