How do Wikipedia pages get on "About" sections?

How do Wikipedia pages end up in the About section of iNaturalist pages, both on web and in app? I am an iNatter and Wikipedian, and when I find cool things on my walks with iNat, if they don’t have a Wikipedia page already, I will often make that page so that the next person will have an easier way to learn about that organism. It seems like these new pages do eventually show up on the web version on iNat, but not the app.

Example from today:
I made an Aetole Wikipedia page. Will that be added to the Aetole iNat page on web automatically at some point? Is there a way to show it and other “missing” articles on the app?

(Also, shout-out to @kueda for uploading some gorgeous Aetole photos to Wikimedia Commons. GOAT!)


I believe it would be via the corresponding wikidata item and its preferred link would be to the genus page at

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Curator here, when we edit a species or create a new one we can either enter the name of a wikipedia page to display or we can check a box to automatically use a wikipedia page with the same name as a taxon. If you made a wikipedia page and it’s not automatically showing up for the taxon then you can flag it and a curator will fix it.


Thanks! What about the app? At least in iOS, the Wikipedia blurb often doesn’t show for newer articles.

I know that iNat caches the wikipedia pages, but how often do we update the cached version? @tiwane


If you enter the name manually, it only displays that specific language for all languages in iNaturalist. This isn’t really ideal. See also:

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