Link under "More" on the Establishment Means blurb on species "About" pages

Not a bug that keeps me from making observations, just a link that’s off.

On any particular “About” page for a species, under the Status tab, there’s the section called “Establishment Means”. Over on the right sidebar, there’s a short blurb that defines what establishment means describes, and there’s a link for users to click to explore more about establishment means. This link directs to the Wikipedia page on Conservation Status, which is not the page for invasive, non-native, or introduced species.

I assume it was just a formatting mixup when the About pages were designed, but I imagine it’s a quick fix. I’ve attached a photo of the link-in-question above.

I’m not finding a great landing page for this on Wikipedia. Anyone know of one?

Even if we find one, there is no guarantee it will stay in alignment with iNat’s definitions for the various establishment means categories.

Do we even need a More link? Or can we maybe just slightly expand the existing text to cover things like “Introduced” being relative to the beginning of European contact, and then be done with it?

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No, the link isn’t necessary IMO, but wanted to see if people knew of any good resources.


Is there anywhere in particular where iNat’s specific Establishment Means definitions are placed? That could be a good place to send people.

Heh, well I think the definitions already there work for me (why I didn’t actually read the text I will never know). I think it’d be fine to just remove the “More” link.


Sounds good to me.

If you do want to provide a place for people to explore the nuances, instead of a “More” link, you could link each term respectively to the Wikipedia articles introduced species, native species, and endemic species.