"Establishment Means" corrections


How does one go about correcting incorrectly attributed “establishment means” information on a species page? In particular, I’ve come across cases where due to taxonomy changes, a species is listed as “native” in a region, and the region appears orange on the map, but the records to which the establishment data refer are in fact no longer attributed to the correct species. For example, “Magusa orbifera” used to refer to a widespread moth in North America and the Neotropics, but after a taxonomic split, “M. orbifera” now refers only to a tropical species, and Magusa divaricata is the name of the widespread North American entity. However, “establishment means” data for Wisconsin and Canada are still sitting there on the “M. orbifera” page on iNat, when the species, as it’s currently understood, doesn’t occur anywhere near there. How does one move those records to the appropriate page (i.e. the M. divaricata page)? I’ve seen this happen on several other pages with other Leps, but this is the most recent one I’ve come across.
Here’s the page: https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/203445-Magusa-orbifera



You go to the appropriate location page by searching for it, go to the checklist page in it, search for the taxa and edit from there.

Unfortunately it is a one at a time process, there is no quick way to do it if it is wrongly applied across a group of locales.

So for examples changes to Canada are made at (checklist page link is towards the bottom left)

Alternatively you can go to the taxon page as you have done, click on the status tab and if it is listed there, click the ‘view’ link to go to the edit page. Please note this list only displays 100 entries, and can not be expanded or scrolled through, so in particular if it has been cascaded down to lots of smaller checklists, there is no guarantee your desired geography will be avaiable here, in which case option 1 above is your only choice.

To newly add a missing checklist entry, you basically follow the same steps as in step 1, but on the checklist page itself, rather than using the search, use the add function (I’m interpreting your request to mean how do I add species X to checklist y if it is missing)

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In addition to @cmcheatle’s instructions, to remove something from a list, on the Status tab of the taxon page, visit the View link for that place, and set Occurrence Status to Absent. That will remove it from the checklist for that place, unless there are still observations with that ID in the place. In that case, you will get the message “There were problems updating that listed taxon: Ocurrence Status Level can’t be absent if there are confirming observations.”

I was able to remove Magusa orbifera from the Canada Checklist this way, but got the error message when trying to remove it from the United States checklist, so there is at least one observation of it still within the U.S.



I think the question is about the northern part of the U.S., not the southern. There is an observation in Florida (his).



Would it help to edit the checklists for the affected states?



Yeah, it was specifically the inclusion of Wisconsin that was in need of removal, but the species does occur in southernmost Florida, so it should still show up on the U.S. list. Thanks for the help!



Thanks so much! This is good to know for the next time I run into one of these situations.