Establishment Means not Displaying on Explore Page

Website. Has affected both Chrome and Safari

From the explore screen, many native species aren’t showing their little green ‘N’ for establishment means. Some of them still have it, but it’s missing for others. All introduced species seem to be unaffected. The taxon page for these species show that they’ve still got a set establishment means. I can’t see this having been a purposeful change, so I’m treating it as a bug

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What exactly are you searching for?

I just want to be able to see the establishment means from the explore page. I’m reporting the bug because we shouldn’t have bugs, not because this bug is preventing me from doing anything in particular

I meant what filters were you using in your explore search. I figured out you were just looking at the species in Ontario though. For some reason, there was no establishment means for the monarch in Ontario, even though it was listed as native in North America and Canada. I labelled it as native to Ontario. Curators can apply a status to all descendent places but that’s pretty powerful so I didn’t do that but that’s probably a pretty safe thing to do for monarchs? I didn’t look at the other species but that’s probably the issue. Can anyone go in and change establishment means of an organism in a place?

OK not sure what’s up though because the monarch still has no label and the American toad was already labelled as native but that’s not showing up.

It used to be that all the native species show were marked as native when I was filtering for Ontario (you’re right, that’s the only filter I have on in the pictured search). Maybe they changed the system so that it doesn’t ‘copy’ the native status? So if monarch is marked native in Canada, it won’t show the native badge for Ontario?

Actually, I’m almost certain that that’s it. American Robins have the native mark when filtering for Canada, but not when filtering for Ontario. When did the way this works change?

Possibly because of this?

@mws please provide as many details as possible (including URLs) when making a bug report. I know that bug report template is a lot, but that information is necessary to investigate a bug, so you’ll be asked about it eventually.

Ah, alright. I thought it was happening for every single explore search, which is why I didn’t put a url. After all, anyone can open an explore search. But I guess my presumption was wrong

Edit: here’s the url:

So does that mean that the explore page is looking for the establishment of taxa in Ontario, finding that there is no establishment means for Ontario specifically, and then giving up instead of moving up to Canada to check again?