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How do I make my list only include observations that I saw during a certain time period?

I have a Lockdown Wildlife list from my garden that includes Xylocopa. If I upload another observation of Xylocopa in future from somewhere else. I don’t want it to automatically go to my lockdown list.

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Hi @annanc, welcome to the forum! I am not sure, but I’m sure someone will help soon.

Ok, so maybe just uncheck life list?

Yes, just uncheck life list and then enter species yourself. That’ll keep species you observed from a different time period from being automatically entered. But… the list doesn’t actually list observations, they list species. So I don’t know how to keep it from “most recently observed on…”. If you want a list of observations instead, you can do it through the “your observations” page. If you click on the filter box, one of the options is date observed, and another one is your location. The date one has a range option, so you can specify any time period you want. You will have to re-enter your search criteria each time you want to look at it, though.


I created a special project for my garden list, and I manually enter each observation into it. I can’t even remember how I set it up right now, but can try to help retrace my steps if you are interested.

You can create a project pretty easily and specify that you only want one user (yourself) and a time span. You can even limit it to a geographic region easily if it is already in the database. The hard part is creating a geographic region that is only your garden. It sounded like it would be possible, but it seemed kind of ridiculous for my setting since my garden is so small…

This is my project. I should probably find a nice photo for it…


Creating a project is definitely a faster way, if you want to include all obs from the period - create a collectinal one, if not all, probably traditional is better (it depends, though).

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