What is a good way to create a custom checklist of taxa you would like to observe?

I created a List of species i wanted to observe this year, and that worked great. But now that I have started observing some of them, I’m wondering if there is a way to easily see which ones I have, and which are still outstanding, like a checklist.
I know we can do it on the Interactive Life List. Has anyone done something like this? I see that there is an item on the list page that says “0 of 50 observed” even though I have observed some now, making me think that there is another option I need to use to show the actual number.

Old lists are buggy, that’s why they’re not updating the list of observed, you can try to use compare function with your life list, but it also uses an old list.


I ended up just creating a little collection project for them. Every time I hear of one I like, I put it in the project, and every time I find one, I take the species out. I keep the geographical range limited to wherever I’m currently exploring, and re-set it to a different place if I take a trip. That way I can add all kinds of strange species, but they won’t clutter anything up unless someone’s happened to find one near where I’m gonna be.

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Projects! That’s something I haven’t tried before. Thanks for the tip!

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