List location on Identify thumbnails

Platforms: Website (applicable to mobile devices as well)

I tried finding something like this in the settings and in the forum, but I couldn’t. Please let me know if this has been requested before.

Description of need:
PROBLEM: As with many of the groups, there are not too many specialists who do IDs for larger areas (e.g. the entire continent of Africa). Consequently there are always huge numbers of records to go through. The group “Identification Page” where one can simply click “Agree” is already a huge step forward, but one can’t always be sure of an ID unless you know the location. It would improve the identification accuracy and speed if the locality information is also shown in that screen.

Feature request details:
FEATURE: Would it be possible to display at least the country, but ideally also the closest big town in the group identification screen? I understand that reverse geocoding doesn’t always produce a good town name, but even just a country would greatly assist. The mockup below shows the locality in green - roughly what I have in mind.

Currently, the best option is to filter the results by location to begin with.


I agree. I personally feel adding the location info would just clutter the screen as place names need a lot of display space, the geotagging/specific place choice is already wonky/wrong a fair amount of the time,. IDers can effectively know location by just filtering Identify for observations in a country, state, whatever already. I think plenty of people use that workflow and it is fine.


Thank you for the reply. The “real estate” problem will always persist, and it’s a case of space vs benefit. For me, and possibly for others dealing with large areas and large numbers of species, even a rough locality tag will greatly assist in getting better identifications out faster.

As for filtering by location, this is not practical when dealing with a continent with over 50 countries, and we don’t have the “state” boundaries as clearly defined as in other places (e.g. USA).

I’ll leave this for now, but if there are other people who agree, maybe admin/developers can look at this as an optional feature in the future.

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Like you, I work thru ‘that country called Africa’