Save search filters in Identify

I always only want to Identify observations in the UK. But every time I go to the Identify tab I have to manually adjust the filters to the same thing. I would love it if either:

  • We could save specific search filters so they’d be accessible as shortcuts at the top or sidebar of Identify, or
  • The last-used search filters would be stored, so that navigating away from Identify and back would return to the most recent filter.

you can do this, just not within site functionality. You can bookmark them. I have several bookmarked and just click on the one i feel like doing at any given time.

Setting the UK as your default place can also tell some features to default to that, but i don’t remember if this one does.


see this open request and consider voting for it:


Identify will default to your default place so setting UK as your default place will solve your problem


A nice touch with bookmarks is you can edit the name of them to be something more relevant, and you can have as many as you want. You can group them into subfolders within folders, and get really creative with your filters :)


Thanks for the tip about default place. Although that was just one exmaple, and there are quite a few specific filters that I always apply - it would be great if we could save other default settings in the same way as location. I understand I can bookmark the URL but it would be so much easier if it could be stored within iNat, rather than having to open my bookmarks and navigate to the correct one when I’m already in iNat to begin with.


Before google, I would have agreed, as I am not always on my computer that has the bookmarks. Now, with google account and chrome I can access the bookmarks from anywhere, including my phone!