List of butterflies

Is it possible to createe a list of butterflies that have been seen in a location? I am looking to create a list of butterfly observations for Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville Ontario Canada.

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Yes, I’m sure there is. Some of the more computer- and iNat-literate people could help more. What do you mean by a “list”? Any kind of list? Or some special iNat list? Something printable? Something sendable? Something 5 feet tall and covered with spots? (Sorry, getting carried away.)

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Replace my user name with yours. Remove the user_id parameter completely to see all species from the park.


Not working for me Chris - my user id is nick_godfrey - mind sending the whole string for the url?

Your observations in the park (it appears you personally have none)

Just a general list of all records from the park

I made this record,
It is in the park

That observation is a snake and the URL above is limited to butterflies. You can take out &taxon_id=47224 to remove the butterfly filter.

oops - ya sorry
I guess the best is the general list - thanks

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