List of iNaturalist Web Application Solutions?

Is there a place where there are links to third party web app solutions for iNaturalist? I’ve found a few including the flashcards < > test your knowledge web app.

A list here or somewhere on the web would be great. I’m looking for solutions created that cannot currently be found within iNaturalist. I know there are many but I can’t seem to find them on a Google search or a search on this forum. I might be using the wrong search terms.

Thanks in advance.

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I haven’t seen any either, but maybe you could start that thread here! I think many people use iNaturalist and develop their own but don’t necessarily post about it on the forum.

I know of one that I haven’t seen in a search of the forum that I like. It is called the Edges of all Life:
It is cool to look at records in my area and see what species are the northern or southernmost records of that species.

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Some are listed in this Forum wiki:

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There was a neat website that showed observations being created in real time, but I unfortunately forgot the link.

There’s also an android app that can be used to quickly ID unknowns as fungi, plant, or animal with finger swipe:

Thanks for the links @machi @twainwright and @tanyuu … I own an iPhone and can’t check out the Android app mentioned. The wiki lists 10 URLs to check out. Four of the 10 links aren’t active but nice to see a list was pulled together. I checked out the Edges of Life link and it’s a bit slow to navigate since it appears to be working with a lot of data but it’s an interesting concept.

Yaaaay! I finally found it! This third partu counter allows you to see posts to iNat in real time.

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing the link @tanyuu.

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