List of local species not supported by computer vision

Is there a way to pull a list of species within a certain geographical border (e.g. country) that aren’t yet supported by computer vision? To truly localize iNat for a country, the idea is to ensure there are sufficient observations and images for the computer vision model, for which a list would be helpful.


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right now, i think the way to do what you’re describing would be 2 parts. the first part would be to get a list of species. you can do that various ways. once you have your list, you can get the taxon details from the API via /v1/taxa/{id}, and that response will include a vision field which tells you whether the taxon is included in the computer vision model. you can parse those results based on that field to get just the records where vision=true for those that are included in the model or vision=false for those that are not part of the model.

just for example, here’s the request URL to get taxon information for a couple of species of North American bears:,41638.


It better to create a collectional project with those taxa, it’s easier to manage the list that way.


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