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I could not find an aswer to this question in the forum.

Previous to the new dynamic lifelist, wich I love, I used to build different lists. One by each place I visited.

Always using predefined/geopolitical places not to load INat by creating new ad hoc places.

Now I can create a list but I cannot asociate a place to it.

I found that I can filter the dinamyc lifelist by the places I want, but the filter does not apply to the Taxonomic tree.

So, for example, I cannot see the number of mamals/birds/insects I observed in a particular place.

Is there any way to add a place to a new list or, probably better, make the “place filter” on the observations panel also apply to the taxonomic tree?



Maybe I’m missing your need here but I find it simple to filter my dynamic list by taxon and place. Filter by taxon on the left and by place on the right like so:

i think i can replicate this.

here’s my life list with no place filters:

here’s my life list filtered for Memorial Park:

note that the right side of the screen gets filtered, but the left side stays the same. this is the same for the observations view (the right side say 24 observations, but the left side says 30):

interestingly, if i export the results, with a restriction for only Memorial Park taxa:

… i do get the Memorial Park taxa only, but the counts reflect observations from all places, not just from Memorial Park:

not sure if what i see is the intended design, but what’s happening is different from what i was expecting the place filter to do.

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Yes that exactly the point!.
Thanks for the pictures to clarify.
I did not realize the export option.
I guess, there should be easy to apply the export filter on the view.

I guess I should put a Feature request to have this.

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