Make it clearer when someone has Filter by Place set on the taxon detail page

A lot of people get stuck having filtered by place on the taxon page and not realizing / remembering. I’ve done it myself multiple times. “Why aren’t the stats loading?!”

Perhaps this filter should be made more visible?

This happened to me for a long time before I realized what was going on (and I’m sure I’m not the only one). I used to think that it was a browser bug, because when I opened the same URL in a different browser I would see the missing data. I’m still not sure under which conditions that filter gets set.


Would “Showing observations in” be better than “Filter by Place”?


Yeah I think that works, or “Showing only observations in:”


Yes, totally agree! That used to trip me up a lot, and still does occasionally.

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I would like this on the Identify page, too. Here’s an example: I want to identify observations in the Auburn State Recreation Area project, so I choose it from the Community drop-down list. The project includes more than one county. I currently have my default place on my account settings set for Placer County. I don’t expect when I choose a project to get only partial results from that project. Maybe it’s just me, but if others have run into this as well it might help if the limiting place were more prominent on the Identify page–different color or something.


Hmm, I either forgot, or never knew that was an option on taxon pages, thanks for pointing it out :-)
(to get back on topic: making “Filter by Place” more obvious would also help point out that it is a useful option available)


Not sure when this was implemented, but it is so!


Edit: here :) thank you!