Listing of scientific names of observations one per line

I’d like to get a simple list (text) of my observations that I could sort to spot duplicates. All I can find is a multi-line+image list that takes ages to format it so I can alphabetically sort it.

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This was originally a feature request, but I moved it to General because it’s currently possible (at least from my understanding of your request, apologies if I’ve misinterpreted it)

  1. Click on Your Observations in the header.
  2. Click on Filters then click on Download
  3. On the export page, only select the columns you need - maybe just scientific name and URL?
  4. Export the CSV and open it up in a spreadsheet program.
  5. Sort by alphabetical order of scientific name and start checking for duplicates.

Many thanks, tiwane - it does what I needed. I’d never have found it in a hundred years, though, without your support!

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