Sort observations alphabetically by species and place

On a desktop, you can sort the observation page by the date observed or added. Would it be difficult to make it so you can also sort A-Z on the species and place columns?

Which page do you mean? There are two possibilities I can think of here, can you please provide a URL?

For taxon sorting, are you proposing that scientific names be used?

On this page you can sort by date added or date observed, so in my opinion the ability to sort any of those categories should be easy to implement. So I would like the ability to sort on the other categories of species or place. Thanks2019-07-21

It used to be available there, but was removed as it did not work (too many problems dealing with localization, user name preferences etc).

I know this as I was the one who filed the bug reports about it not working, and as a result received the communication that the decision was to remove, not fix.

If this were implemented, my suggestion would be to sort by whichever name, scientific or common, that the user’s account setting says to display first.