Listing records for a family includes taxa outside that family

I assume I am missing something obvious here.
If I list all the observations for a family (in this case the fungal Typhulaceae) in a particular place (in this case New Zealand), I get

Why is Xeromphalina in the result? It isn’t in that family in the iNat taxonomy.

There probably was a taxon swap or parent change and things didn’t get quite reindexed properly. It looks like any observation of Xeromphalina is showing up under Typhulaceae. Any time I’ve had an issue like this before, inactivating and reactivating the problematic taxon or taxa has fixed it. You could try individual species and see if that removes them from the lineup. If that doesn’t get the whole genus, you’d have to do all the species. (Or just the ones affected, but that doesn’t ensure that observations of new species won’t have the same issue.)

Different, but possibly related issue: is the genus supposed to be grafted directly to a suborder? Looking at it there are a bunch of genera grafted directly to that suborder.

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Yes there are genera incertae sedis under suborder. We have many such phylogenetically indeterminate placements in the fungi. They will get sorted out eventually - just give it another 30 years of sequencing.


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