Way to search for species with less than a certain number of observations

I’m currently trying to work up a list of locally rare species, but its going a bit slow and being hindered by the fact that I can’t sort the species list in descending order by # of observations - the sheer amount of species I have to scroll past is really bogging down my computer. Is there a way to search for a state species list but exclude, say, any species with more than 100 observations?

If not I’m making a dang feature request for it


To clarify, you want to sort a species list of observations like this

by the ascending number of observations (smallest first), rather than a Checklist or something, right?

If so, I would definitely like to know how to do this too :D

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You can use an external tool, e.g. this is an ascending list of taxa in Ohio: https://jumear.github.io/stirfry/iNatAPIv1_observations_species_counts?place_id=31&order=asc


Yes, that, or even be able to filter it so I can cut out obs with more observations than a threshold.

oh nice. I’ll have to check it out, that might help a smidge.

Note that this can be used with projects too by replacing ‘place_id=’ with ‘project_id=’ and the project name.