Load bounding box with coordinates in any order

I can load this page (Africa, southern hemisphere):

But I never get this page (Africa, northern hemisphere):

I tried several times, on several days.

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(Latitudes ordered).

We can close this topic.

(Could also be a feature request: make the server insensitive to coordinates order).


I swapped it over to #feature-requests. Feel free to edit your first post / modify the topic title to better reflect the request.

If I’m understanding correctly, it seems like the issue isn’t whether the latitudes are ordered, but whether they actually represent the southwest or northeast corners of the desired bounding box, which they did not in the non-working example you provided.

So I think to do what your are asking, instead of having parameters


you would want parameters like


that could be specified in any sequence and still get interpreted as the correct box. Does that seem about right?

Yes, it is what I meant. Thanks.

Of course this feature may be useful only if we edit manually the coordinates. And the reason to edit manually the coordinates is the impossibility to draw a bounding box.

(I mean that an even better fix would be to allow drawing a bounding box on the map).
(Features are not independant from each other, the “product” is to be considered as a whole).

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