“Loading metadata” taking 4-6 minutes for one picture (size 3.8 MB)

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Step 1: Select “Upload” button

Step 2: Drag & drop JPG file (apparently any jpg file)

Step 3: Wait - around 5 or 6 minutes later “Loading metadata” disappears.

Additional Notes:
A. I have not been very active this year until April. I do not remember having this issue when I loaded a few pictures in March 2024.
B. As another test, if after about a minute (while it still shows “Loading metadata”) I keyed in the name of the plant and clicked on “Submit 1 observation”. The resulting screen says “Uploading photo…” and “Keep editing”.
a. If I select “Keep editing” I go back to the picture screen.
b. If I leave it at “Uploading photo” I wait another 3 minutes or so and then it goes to “Saving observation” and then to displaying my observations.
C. The picture was taken on a Canon camera which has no GPS capability. The picture location data was then updated using GeoSetter software and GPS tracking data from the GPS Logger app.

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Are you dragging and dropping straight from your camera? I found the same issue with the Canon I use and it disappeared when I first moved the photos to my computer then uploaded them.

I have the same problems since about one month with:

No - I am:

  1. moving (cut & paste) them from my camera to a folder.
  2. running GPS Setter against them to get location data
  3. copying them to another working folder.
  4. loading from the working folder.

I know - lots of pieces!

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Good news! The problem does appear to be on my end. My 2019 computer came with Intel Killer Intelligence Center. If I turn off the prioritization engine my “loading metadata” goes from 4.8 minutes to 4.8 ms. I’m not sure why it was back on, but this is great. So sorry for taking others’ time.


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