Metadata loading suddenly *very* slow

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): macOS Monterey v. 12.2.1

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Browser: Happens in both Firefox and Chrome, both updated to most recent versions.

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After a snorkelling trip, I generally upload the images (after cropping, etc.) from my Mac. Never had a speed problem before. Camera is not new, image sizes are similar. It seems to be taking nearly 15 minutes per image to “load metadata” where before this has been a fleeting message.

Step 1: I select the images from the uploader.

Step 2: I identify and add locations

Step 3: I try to submit the observations and the whole thing sits and eventually fails.

I’ve tried with my usual batch size and now with a much smaller batch size, but it seems to be nearly impossible to get more than a few observations at once, which kind of defeats the purpose of the batch uploader.

I’m not able to replicate on my device. Can you please email a few of those photos to so we can take a look?

Just want to report that I’m having similar issues recently. I thought it was maybe my internet being slow, but if others are experiencing it as well …

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I’m on phone wifi with bad connection, but I upload 10-15 photos at once without failure from uploader, so I’d check this side of things first, maybe reloading router, something like that.

Is this still happening to anyone?

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Yes, sorry for the late reply. Out of town for work. Still the same issue.

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We’re not seeing any changes on our end, so we suspect it’s something local. What would be helpful is to go to the uploader, open up the network panel in your browser, and add some of these photos. Wait a few minutes, then scroll to the bottom of the network panel and send us a screenshot of it. Should look something like this:

Those bars on the right show how long it took to upload stuff.

If you coudl send some of your photos to (make sure they have their metadata) that would also be helpful.

To see the network panel in Firefox, open up the Web Developer tools and choose the Network tab.

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The problem suddenly resolved itself as of this morning. I’m in Indonesia, so maybe a network glitch.

Metadata has been loading very suddenly periodically over the past 6 months. It’s become exceptionally bad this past week. Currently I’m only able to upload about 5 photos at a time. When all stars and planets are in alignment, I’ve uploaded 100+ quickly.

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very slow uploading today. I am in Germany.