Location Metadata not importing with importing photos android

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When importing photo from “gallery” prompted with " are you sure you want to upload without location data?" Then I have to manually choose the location which is never perfectly accurate. I would prefer the location data to transfer, but do not see a settings option to make this possible and i dont think i have this issue when i take a photo using the app.

IOS App developer here, so take this with a grain of salt:

So, what is making the prompt “are you sure you want to upload without location data?” the iNat App or the Photo app on your phone / the phone itself?

It might be caused by your phones precautionary system removing them for your privacy not knowing if the Metadata is supposed to be submitted, with that information I can give you more possible causes!

this might be the same thing as https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/android-app-not-reading-picture-location-data/37908.

there was a fix made for this, but i can’t tell if there were further issues or not. either way, it looks like there are potentially some workarounds for the problem.

It makes sense for Android to implement a system that automatically strips informations transfered in the exif metadata like Location and other crucial stuff.

The solution might be just a little checkbox away ^^

So are you sharing from your gallery to iNaturalist, or are you already in iNaturalist and then importing photos from within the iNaturalist app?