Error logging into iNaturalist via Facebook

I have been trying to login to iNaturalist all afternoon on Google Chrome iOS and Safari iOS. Picture 1- Safari, Picture 2 - Google Chrome


Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Google Chrome iOS and Safari iOS.

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1: Enter iNaturalist website address.

Step 2: Load page.

Step 3: Click login with Facebook then error message appears.

I have used this to login to since making the account. No changes to my Facebook account have been made.


Does this happen only if you try to log in with What about

This only happens with I have the best luck with that. I just tried to login via and the response from the dedicated search mole said “Sorry, that doesn’t exist! Even our dedicated search mole couldn’t find anything!” hasn’t worked for me in quite sometime.

Thanks. For what it’s worth, I just tried to link my account to Facebook and got an “invalid credentials” error, so something seems to be wrong with our link to Facebook. Can’t tell if it’s on our end or Facebook’s end.

I recommend requesting a password reset email then using your username and password to log in for now. Then you won’t have to rely on a third party for logging in.

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Ok, thanks for the help.

I’m having this problem on

Logging in via mobile is working fine.

We’re investigating this now. If you can’t log in with Facebook and don’t have a password:

  1. Go to and request a password reset email. Note that this might not work if your account doesn’t have an email address. Depending on your Facebook privacy settings, iNaturalist doesn’t always import your email address from Facebook.

  2. Make a new password from the link in your email. Sometimes these emails are routed to your spam/junk mail folder to check there if you don’t receive one.

  3. Log in to iNaturalist using your username and that new password.


Worked. Thanks. Luckily I’ve been receiving inat updates via e-mail, so y’all had my e-mail address to use for pw reset purposes.


I’ll wait until it will be resolved, logging in with Facebook is much faster as on some devices the password is never remembered.

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FWIW, I’m having the same problem too. My phone app is still logged in, but I can’t access it on my laptop through . I get a mix of the facebook app error when I try logging in through firefox and the “does not exist” mole message when I log in through the samsung browser on my phone.

I’m getting the same message as OP, thankfully it’s still logged in on my phone app too.

I’m having the same problem too. I can’t access on through my laptop. I reset my FB password, as indicated by Tiwane. This morning it worked well, but now is again down, and I can’t reset my password everyday.

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My wife and I have been having the same issue, logging in to iNaturalist Australia via Facebook. She noticed it first as that is how she has set up her account. I have my account connected to Google as well as Facebook. Connecting via Google works fine, but connecting via Facebook throws up the same error message that @Istaley reported.

I am also receiving “Error Accessing App. We’re sorry, but the application you’re trying to use doesn’t exist or has been disabled.” while trying to log in using Facebook. I no longer have access to the email address I originally set the account up with where I now have 3000+ observations. Logging in with Facebook is the only way for me to log in. I have tried removing browser history, deleting cookies, etc. to no avail - I am just unable to access inaturalist until this is resolved.

Update: the cause of the problem is known (it had to do with branding), we’re waiting to hear back from Facebook about this. They re-approved the way we used their brand on the site, but for whatever reason they haven’t reinstated third party log in. I do apologize, we want this to be working as much as you do.

You can’t log in using your username/email address and that new password?

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OK, I was able to link my account to Facebook then log in with it, and have received a report from another user saying it’s working for them, so I’ll mark it as solved now.

A few things to think about:

  • if you created an iNat account via Facebook and your iNat account doesn’t have an email address, I recommend adding an email address ASAP. If for whatever reason this happens again, you’ll be able to request a password reset email and log in without using Facebook.

  • Relying on a third party for logging in adds one more potential point of failure, so weigh that against the convenience of not having to remember a password, the latter of which is also a potential point of failure.

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