MacOS: How To Add Another Photo to an Observation

It’s very confusing to add a new photo via Firefox on the web (MacOS) Sometimes there’s a page with an “add photo” icon under your photo. Sometimes you have to go to the “edit” page. There’s an area on the right where you can choose a photo but then what … ? What does “sync?” mean? If you uncheck “sync” existing photos disappear. Anyway since this is just a user forum it’s probably useless to point out confusing UI.

(I’d like another way besides Drag and Drop: it’s a pain to minimize and move windows to get a path for dragging and dropping.)

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When are either of these not the case? I’ve always had both of these options.

It means that the photo(s) you have checked get synced and show up on your observation. So unchecking it tells the photo not to sync and it disappears. Now, as for “Sync obs. w/ photo metadata?”, that matches the photo metadata to the observation. (Although I just tried matching it with a new photo that and it didn’t work.)

There are lots of other options. I usually select “Choose files” and click on the relevant folder or photos on my computer.
Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 1.42.47 PM

That’s exactly what the forum is for. :)


Under the photo to the right of the thumbnails there’s a grey icon for adding a photo.


I’ve never had an observation that didn’t have that icon. Is it somehow missing from yours?

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In fact no, those are two different buttons, one unchecked is just for deleting pics, “synchronize?” one is allowing you to get exif data from this particular pic to be added to observation.

You don’t have to drag & drop. You can click Choose Files.

Also, on the screen that shows your photos after uploading, you can select multiple photos and click “Combine” to merge them into one observation.


Okay, here’s the deal. If you Submit an observation, then click “Edit” you get the area on the right with the “Sync?” checkmark and the other use of “Sync” below it (Sync obs) Apparently the “Sync?” checkmark is how you say “Yes, use this photo” and it has nothing to do with “Sync obs…”

BUT if you Submit and observation, then click “View” you DO get the little icon for adding a new photo. So my problem was thinking that adding a photo was “Editing” rather than “Viewing”.

Oh, you’re talking about after you submit an observation? I’ll demonstrate with one of my observations.

See that image with the plus sign?
Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 2.57.23 PM
Click that. Then it will show up an upload screen - not drag and drop, mind you.
So this should solve two problems: The very complicated Edit screen, and the tiring drag-and-drop.

Again, you can add them in edit, but it’s a longer process, there’re 2 buttons you mention, one saying sync? is for synchronizing data of the photo and one for choosing photos.

You need both for choosing how to deal with already uploaded pics.
To add photo in edit you choose different, third button

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