Make adding taxa to Favorites self-explanatory when empty

Platform (Android, iOS, Website):


Screenshots of what you are seeing:

On an account that has no Favorites list:

But on an account that has a Favorites list, no message shows here.

Description of problem:

Step 1:

Create a Favorites list but don’t put anything in it yet.

Step 2:

Return to your profile later - maybe significantly later so that you have now forgotten the initial instruction - to add favorite taxa, but now there’s no link, and no instructions to help you out.

I propose that when the Favorites list is empty, text like the following should be shown in a box similar to the one shown in the screenshot above:

You have a Favorites list but it is empty. Now add some taxa and the most recent additions will appear in this space.

Where Favorites is a link to the list and add some taxa is a link to doc for adding taxa to a list (or alternatively a link to a screen where they can directly add taxa to the Favorites list).

The problem is that it’s very easy to make the decision “I want a list of Favorites” but a bit harder for some people to come up with what to put in it on the spot. So I can see how a user might end up in the predicament where they have no idea how to add favorite taxa even though they previously did the first step. I helped out a user who did exactly that today. Hence this bug report. I feel my proposal above will guide them directly to where they need to go, reducing the burden on people providing support, and making using the site a little bit easier.