Make fields parameters for collection projects or turn some fields into annotations

I would like to be able to create a collection project based on field values. I have tried to do this, but fields aren’t an option as a filter, and this was brought up by @kaipatiki_naturewatc on this thread .

The particular project I’m thinking of here is our Habitats (southern Africa). It has a mandatory field requirement (Habitat (s Afr)).

It would be much easier for users and project admins if the users only had to add the field (without needing to add the project as well), and the admins wouldn’t have to keep running around trying to add all the obs and asking all the users to join the project and add their obs.


It would be really fantastic if obs required a habitat field (even if only for southern Africa), and these could be Annotations rather than fields so that projects could be filtered for them.


I would whole heartedly support inclusion of fields in the filters for collection projects. It could greatly simplify the situations where we are using the umbrella over collection/traditional combination to bring obscured or large inaccuracy circle obs into a project such as a bioblitz. By having a field that can be set to a value and then have that trigger the inclusion in the project, would allow a much more seemless approach!

Even if it were just a single field that was handled for this, such as one called “Include in Project(s)”, which then listed the project IDs to specifically include the observation…


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