Projects restricted by Observation Fields

I was thinking of creating a project to map some exotic/invasive wasp nests. I’m not really sure of its value but realized it doesn’t seem to be possible with a normal Collection Project, which leaves traditional projects. I wanted it to be as easy as possible to use so was thinking of using the Observation Field “Nest Presence”, which seemed the most suitable existing field, even though it is open text. This would just require this field to be added to an observation but obviously can’t be a restriction of a collection project. Having a traditional project would require joining the project and then adding the observation to the project, I guess not really more work from a user perspective. Is it worth doing and should I bother?

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It would be very useful to know where the human-stinging wasp nests are if one is about to go in weeding or disturbing vegetation, that’s for sure:). I like the idea too from an information perspective.

That Field might be used for all kinds of nests though, so if you want to make sure only wasps’ nests get included, perhaps better to create, and require, a Field “Wasps nest” or similar? I have not found it possible to make a Trad Project accept only a certain Field Value, otherwise a Field could be created for Presence of Nest and Values of various Taxa . You could perhaps use the “Associated species” field for the most sophisticated results.

The tricky thing, for me anyway, is making other observers aware of the Project and the way to add their observations to it…unless you are in communication with them anyway.

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