Make iNat record number easily available on mobile app

We’re starting to use the iNat record number as another identifier when taking fungarium specimens. Right now, to retrieve the iNat number, one has to use open a web application and find the number from the tail end of the URL (a real pain if you’re on your phone). It would help save time if the iNat record number appeared on the mobile app’s view of the observation itself.

I wonder, where would you want the number to be? Prominent in one of the main tabs, or within a menu like the DQA is?

You might be interested in Bonnie Isaac’s workflow for using iNat with herbarium specimens–I think she published on it a few years ago, and she gave a talk at the virtual BSA meeting this year.

If that is available somewhere I would like to see it!

Summary and link to the referenced workflow paper:

One concern that has been expressed in regards to putting iNaturalist observations in NHCs is, if the NHC outputs records to GBIF, then those observations can be duplicated. So just something to think about if you go that route.

For what it’s worth, on iOS you should be able to copy the URL without opening the web browser. (black rectangle is to cover up my contacts)

You’ll still have to cut out just the observation number, but it does remove the browser step.

I’m not seeing a similar “Copy” option for sharing in on my Pixel 3a, but I’m not a regular Android user so perhaps I’m missing something.

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While I see no “Copy link” option on my Motorola Moto G8 running Android 10, the following might be a workaround:

Click on the Share icon as seen above.

Note that Copy to clipboard is not an option for me, although it is in other apps. Keep Notes, a notepad by Google for Android, will do in lieu of being able to copy to the clipboard.

I can now see the observation number. Bear in mind that this will not exist until the observation is uploaded.

That text is selectable and can be copied. Or I can go ahead and save the link to Keep.

This is the Keep Notes entry. I can open that Keep item to again see the link.

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