make it easier to @-mention users in comments

A small feature I would like to see:
a one-click option to mention the observer in a comment, or to reply to another commentator of an observation. This would fill out the comment field with the @username so one doesn’t have to type the username and wait for the suggestions, or, as also sometimes encountered, typos would be prevented

I definitely like how Flickr does this, would be great if iNat could too!


I was going to ask for pretty much the same thing. The way I have seen this handled on other sites is to initially bias the drop-down list of suggestions to users who are active in the current context. So entering @ would immediately show a short list containing only the most relevant users (i.e. the observer, and anyone who has suggested an ID, or left a comment on the observation). Typing more letters would then bring up the full list (if the letters didn’t match anyone in the short list).

What I find at the moment is that I often have to type in almost the entire username before it appears in the list of suggestions - which pretty much defeats the purpose of showing it in the first place.


It seems to work that way here on the Forum (Discourse), but not in iNat.


Often it seems that after typing the entire user name I still get a list that doesn’t even include that name, until my second or third try.


And now I can’t get to it at all. Just a few minutes ago I wanted to comment on an observeration: I tried typing normally the first time, more slowly the second time, and faster the third time. The person’s name never came up and I can’t scroll down any of the lists. Before I was always able to get the right username to eventually come up.

I didn’t realize it was Questagame until now–maybe that makes a difference.

Yeah, possibly related to that user being suspended.

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Oh, another thing that wasn’t known to me using Identify. That clears that up. Thank you.

maybe suspended accounts’ name should be in grey or something so that is immediately evident