Search on main window and Explore menu search give two different results

When I use the search field on the main window in the app, it only retrieves two observations in my observation list when I use “dragonflies”.

But, when I use the menu option “Explore” search for “dragonflies”, and then Filter for my observations, I get all of my observations of dragonflies.

What is that search on the main window for?
Shouldn’t it pull all of my dragonfly observations?

My observations don’t have any Tags.

I think it’s because on Explore you are using a high/low setting for the taxon rank.

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Can you please include URLS of your searches and of observations you think shoudl show up in the search but don’t, as well as screenshots of what you’re seeing? It’s very difficult to diagnose a problem without specific details.

Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices:


I had the same. I wanted to find a slime mould a few days after first finding it and searched for that but it only returned 2 results (I think) so I did the same thing and went to Explore and searched there.

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