Subset of my obs showing on app

I’m identifying in the Android app this morning and wanted to check a couple of my Hyla observations. I did a full search then opened Filters and checked My Observations, specified Hyla, all 3 quallity levels, Any Dates, and no location or phyllum. It returned no observations, which is not correct. I reran the search without Hyla specified and it returned 378 observations. I currently have 2806. I closed the app, reopened it to make sure nothing was carrying over and messing up the parameters, but got the same result. It’s almost as tho it’s filtering on something that isn’t on the Filter screen.
I don’t know if it’s a bug or an undocumented feature or if I’m just special but help :grin:

Can you share screenshots of the filters and results? The phone/device model and app version can sometimes be helpful too.

I actually couldn’t see them from my Android app either. I found the two Hyla observations from the browser and voted/unvoted an item in the DQA, which refreshes them in the database. Now they appear in a search on Android for me. I wonder if it could be related to having changed your username?

Interesting point. I’ll test it by resaving other obs that don’t show. Thanks.