Year in Review animated map not working correctly in Safari

What’s with the map thing? It appears to be some sort of time animation, but I don’t get it. On my personalized year in review, it flashes once for a couple areas I used to visit before i retired and moved away. There is no current data on there.
Can somebody explain this thing?

It’s working fine for me, showing all your observations’ locations through year.

Your map works for me too.

Do you happen to be using the iOS app? It is missing a lot of features relative to the website and Android.i cannot see the map properly on my iPhone .

No, I don’t use iOS app. But I am on a Mac operating system (10.15.7)
Safari Browser, 14.1.2

This is screwy. Must be a glitch.

Looks like there is an issue with the animated map in Safari - I can replicate both in iOS and on my Mac. Made a bug report here:

@ellen5 does it work for you in other browsers?

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Sorry I can’t answer that! I use only the one browser and the one laptop.

This has been fixed for Safari.

It has! My map now shows a movie of geolocation data vs time.
Um, the data displays on a completely black background. If I turn my screen brightness up all the way, some state boundaries become almost visible (no better than charcoal vs asphalt).
I tried to make screen captures to illustrate, but my screen settings do not affect the resulting pngs. So the attached images only show what i see at normal screen brightness.
Is this what you see on other operating systems?

Yes, it should be black.

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I moved these posts to their own topic.

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