'Explore' tab observations not appearing consistently

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Hi all, apologies for the influx of bug reports from me lately and sorry if this one is something obvious… There seems to be some inconsistency in which observations are showing up in the ‘Explore’ tab. Specifically, here are all the sightings of Caudoeuraphia. It works as expected for me, showing both observations of the genus:

But then if I go up to the subfamily containing Caudoeuraphia, it only shows one of the sightings. There are three additional sightings of another species in the genus, but only the more recent sighting of Caudoeuraphia is included, and the second one isn’t:

I’m really not sure what’s going on here. I expect this sort of behaviour if a taxon has recently been moved or swapped or something, but none of these taxa have been touched in over a month. Any ideas?

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similar things have been noted before:

i’m guessing there’s some sort of indexing issue here, but i don’t think anyone has actually ever tracked down the exact problem.

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