Map refresh not show all observations

Good morning :smiley:,

I published observations of 2002 in Romania 2 days ago, but when I consult the map of my observations, the cells concerned do not appear, while other cells added since appear well on the map.

I am not declaring a bug, because there may be a known explanation for this refresh problem?
(perhaps because the geographical uncertainty radius is too large?)

While writing the message, I think I just found the explanation that confirms my hypothesis:

So, is it possible to know the maximum radius for the observations to appear on the map? (I will try to investigate to improve the accuracy of my Romanian observations.

Thanks !

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hi there!
if it’s not too much of a problem, could you provide links to the observations you’re talking about, as well as to the specific map you’re looking at? thank you :)

No problem :
Here is an example:

And here is the query to display my data:
(to be displayed in map mode)

you are correct, this is the reason. You need to reduce the radius. As to what the actual threshold is to appear on the map, unsure



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After conducting the investigation in my memory, I managed to pinpoint the location of a sighting.
So the map is updated! :sunglasses:
Thanks for your advices.


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