Mark a Taxon as Unreviewed (or I guess)

For the purpose of reviewing my own past IDs, I wish I could choose a taxon and set all observations of that taxon as unreviewed.
Alternatively, all observations for which I have made an ID of that taxon.

This would allow me to more easily periodically review my past IDs. I learn constantly, and I often find mistakes when I look back a year, or even six months back. It’s also a way to practice / refresh my memory if the particular taxon does not have enough new observations.

This functionality would probably fit best on the Identify page.

Less useful in my opinion, but the natural flip-side, would be the option to choose a taxon and mark all of them as reviewed.

Potential downsides to this function would be server burden if someone is attempting to mark/unmark hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of observations.

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You could do something like this and then mark all as unreviewed
You would have to mark unreviewed on each page

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that’s the issue, I don’t want to wait for a thousand observations to load, 100 at a time, clicking “mark as unreviewed” over and over. it wastes server resources and time for them to load, and it consumes a ton of my time.

I’ve been wishing I could do this for a while.

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Me too - quite often I find I’ve potentially made errors and it can be super hard and time consuming to go back and find them all.

The easy workaround for this problem would be to search in Identify for your taxon, then look to the right of the filters box and click “Reviewed”. It will add “&reviewed=true” to the URL, and stays that way as you click through pages.

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Doesn’t work because I need to keep track of which I am reviewing again, which isn’t differentiated in that case from those I reviewed in the past.