Mark as Reviewed - Keeps Coming Up for Review

When I mark a sighting as reviewed, why do I keep seeing it again in the future when I’m identifying sightings?

What URL do you use to identify?

On my desktop computer (Mac):

When you add an identification to an observation, it should automatically be marked as reviewed. If you are manually marking as reviewed when you haven’t added an ID, e.g. with the “r” key, like you say, it shouldn’t be coming up on the identify page by default, because the default identify page will exclude reviewed observations. The only reviewed observations that should appear are those that you reviewed during that session/before refreshing the page.


Can you share a screenshot of the identify modal showing an observation that you had previously marked as reviewed? And the exact URL where you’re seeing it appear? It should only show you reviewed observations when you’ve selected reviewed=yes or reviewed=any.

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Well, something changed, I guess. It seems to be working now.

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