Mark whole taxon as ‘reviewed’

Hello! Is it possible to mark all the ‘needs ID’ section of an entire taxon as ‘reviewed’ without going through each page of observations separately?
There are plenty of taxa that I have no idea about, for example to me a squirrel is a squirrel is a squirrel, and I’m not likely to learn any more about squirrels in the foreseeable future. If I could mark all current squirrel observations as ‘reviewed’ I would be more likely to find things I could actually help with.
I know I could exclude them via searches, but to do it every time when I just feel like browsing through is a bit tedious.

You can filter to a branch of the taxonomy, and crank the number of results up from 30 to I think 200 max… that way the “Mark all as reviewed” hits a bigger chunk of them each time.

Add &per_page=200 to the end of your url to change the number per page


That would be nice to know. I’ve seen enough Cyanobacteria for now.

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Great thank you @kiwifergus! It would certainly speed things up a bit.

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@kiwifergus How can i un-mark a whole taxon as reviewed?

I don’t think you can. I set “per page” to 200 and just “mark as reviewed” until all gone. I used a saved identify filter though, with reverse sort order and a start date of 1/1/2014, so I don’t need to clear all the way back. It’s a pain to identify when not on your own computer if you don’t have your own bookmarks, and iNat won’t be adding account based bookmarks etc, so I just don’t bother identifying unless I’m on my own computer!

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