Mark all IDs reviewed?

As I do most of my IDing on the mobile app (Android) my IDs are not marked reviewed. Is there a way on the web to mark them all reviewed? I see the “Mark All Reviewed” button on the Identify page but can’t figure out a way to only select my IDs and on my IDs page there is no “Mark All Reviewed” button (I imagine this is because when IDing on the web they’re automatically marked reviewed).
If I am able to do this from the website will it apply to the app as well?
I’ve searched the forum and the help site and apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, also if I’ve missed something obvious.
Thanks in advance.

here’s a link to the Identify page, displaying observations identified by you:

also see:

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Thanks so much for that! I’ve been meaning to learn how to use the search urls for some time.
I see that all my IDs are marked reviewed already, I guess it doesn’t translate to the app then? Is that because the app just has the Explore function rather than the Identify function as well?

that’s right. i don’t think the apps have very much functionality to help streamline workflows for identifiers (unfortunately).

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Thanks for spending the time on this.
Hopefully the new app will have more functionality for identifiers.

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