Is there a way to mark where I'm at when identifying?

When running through ID’s for a region, there are typically hundreds of pages, if I start at the back and work my way forward through them, is there a way to mark where I left off without marking them all as reviewed? I don’t like marking them as reviewed if I didn’t put an ID, because I may want to go back through again when I know more, and at that time I may be able to put an ID. But it is frustrating to go a few dozen pages and then not know where I left off next time I go in.


I am curious about this too

You could, mark as reviewed. Then work thru the reviewed ones again when you are ready.
I start at the recent end, and that whittles away slowly day by day.

We need two options.

  1. Seen, but will come back
  2. Done
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You can filter the observations you’re looking at by the dates observed (or the dates uploaded) – that way you’ll only need to keep track of what time frame you were most recently looking at.


you could mark everything you’ve looked at as reviewed, and then come back and look for reviewed observations without an ID from you:


I tried that. It worked at first, and then I lost track of where (when) I was. Sigh. Any more, I just remind myself there are more records that need ID’ing than I will ever get to and dive in somewhere.


I get frustrated with this too and working on a huge list seems endless so I’ve started just tackling smaller chunks like one subgenus in one state. I recently finished reviewing a mid-sized subgenus for several western states and provinces and it feels like much more of an accomplishment than tackling several pages of records for the whole genus for all of North America.


Yeah, ultimately that seems to be the solution. Even for birds, which have lots of identifiers, the number needing review goes up faster than the number I can review.


Oh I have a feature request for that! Where did it go…

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The feature request


interesting. i like the general concept in terms of workflow, but i think if this were to be implemented, it should be implemented in a less narrowly focused way. for example, it would be nice to be able to add a custom tag on things that you want to come back to later, but also maybe it would be nice to be able to add other tags to categorize observations in other ways, too.

A button “Mark all unreviewed as seen” would be appropriate.
(“reviewed” has precedence over “seen”).

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