Same location for many images

I tried this once before, but to no avail. I don’t use a phone, but rather a camera that does not have GPS. If I take 80 images all from the same preserve, I now have to put in the same location one at a time. Is there a way to batch the entire group with that same location?

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Sure, you choose mltiple images and then edit the location not on one of them, but at the left part of the page.


Please do make sure if you mark all the images at the same location that the uncertainy circle includes all of the possible photo locations.


Same situation here. As melodi_96 said, after uploading the photos you select all the observations (select first one, shift-select last one), and set the location on the left.

The nice thing is that then, if you want to refine positions, they are already in the general location. You can quickly select one sighting, then go to the location field, and move that sighting to a slightly different location.


I do the same as Catherine, put them all in the general area then refine the location. If you do that and know that say 5 of your 80 observations were all in one spot, you can select just those obs by clicking on one then holding Ctrl while clicking on the others to highlight just those 5 and edit them together on the left.

Also if you have a place you return to frequently (so you’re not submitting your obs all at once) you can create a pinned location.


Thanks for all these great tips! Very helpful!

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I’m pretty new at this but one thing I’ve learned is if you have multiple images of one observation just put up one photo…then add all the other’s to that single observation.
If they are in slightly different locations in a similar area then do as mentioned in the previous posts.

No, not like that, you need to drag other photos in one that you would like to have the first or click on “choose all” and “merge in one” (I don’t use English version so it’s not an accurate name of the button) if all photos are of one observation. Different specimens belong to different observations if possible.


To be clear, I was trying to describe a situation where I might have 5 photos of the same observation, from different angles. If I put one into the observation at first, then after it is posted I add the rest into that same observation.
Then it becomes 1 observation with multiple photos in it.
Yes. different specimens DO belong to different observations.

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I understand and what I try to say is that you can post it with multiple photos from the start.


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