Micronesia region not working

Web. Visiting the URL for Miconesia (the region, not the federated states of) does not display any observations.


There’s a second similarly titled region which does work. I guess the first should be deleted then?

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Appears to be a different issue. These are iNat places, not ones from Google.


@brian_d When you says it’s working for you, do you mean you see observations for my first link?

this place is drawn in a way such that a single polygon spans the antimeridian, and iNat doesn’t handle that kind of situation well. (technically, it’s bad data. typically, places that span the antimeridian are drawn as multiple polygons that share the antimeridian as a border.)

this is a community-created place, and if you look at the place page, you’ll find the creator in the bottom-left corner. as a first action, you should reach out to the place creator to see what they intended to do / are doing with the place, and whether or not they would be willing to delete it. if the creator doesn’t respond, then you could reach out to a curator to delete the place, since it’s unlikely that anyone can properly use it for anything (and since the other place exists, created by the same user).

… i don’t think there’s a true bug here.

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I flagged it so hopefully a staff member can delete it. It’s too big for a curator to modify (I am one).

This one certainly outwardy presents as a bug however.

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