Middle-click opens duplicate tab in header search

If I am on a page that I want to stay on, but wish to open something from the search bar in a new tab, that page opens twice on two new tabs.

Example: I search for Masarinae

I middle-click to open the About (or Observations) in a new tab and two tabs load simultaneously:

This is on Brave on Ubuntu Studio 19.04.

When I used to do this on FF on UStudio, it would open one tab but have a warning on the tab I opened from to say “Popup blocked”.

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(going through old bug reports with no replies)

It’s the same in Chrome. By default, pop-ups are blocked in this browser, so if you middle-click the About link, it only opens one tab but you get an error message saying “pop-up blocked”.


But if you change the browser settings to allow pop-ups from inaturalist.org, it opens the same page in two tabs.

It only happens if I middle-click and doesn’t happen if I ctrl+click.

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Thanks, Cassi!

I had noticed that this has stopped happening on Brave on Ubuntu, but forgot to come back here to mention it.

It is odd that it is happening for you now!

I checked again now now, and a single tab opens whether I use middle-click or Shft+Ctrl-click. i.e. correct behaviour.

interesting! it’s always been this way in Chrome I think. just no one had posted about it yet.